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Photography is a lifetime journey for me. It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when it started. Was it on the road trip near Orleans when I was stunned by unusually beautiful light streaming through the clouds carried across the sky with strong northern wind, or were it my walks downtown Toronto? Was it a fascination with classic art and attempts to endlessly analyze every brushstroke, colors, and composition of the world’s best masters? Reading books?

In it’s own way even my useless education in Linguistics has helped by sharpening the perception of a well unfolding story. Some seemingly unconnected life experiences inevitably lead to it and helped to form my vision and define me in photography and, as I hope, will continue to do so.

I work as a freelance photographer in Toronto now, focusing on fashion, portraits, headshots, events, weddings, product photography, photojournalism, photography for social media. It might seem like extremely wide range of interests, yet having one thing in common – an attempt at capturing the essence of the subject, the event, and the feeling. And the test for our impression of a moment is simple – if you close your eyes – what will you remember about a flower, a person, a dress, or a wedding – is it the color, the texture, the shape, the eyes, the kiss, the smile?

As life itself consists of encounters with a variety of situations, stories, events, spaces, people and objects so is photography, and I would find it impossible to limit it to one genre.

Commercial Photography

photography fpr your social media
editorial photography toronto olga hutsul
fashion photography by olga hutsul toronto
product photography in Toronto by Olga Hutsul

Food Photography

A professional food photographer can help you to develop a unique and cohesive visual brand identity for your food business.

Portrait Photography

food blogger personal branding

Model Headshots & Actor Headshots

The images that are done professionally and replicate professional studio lighting or natural lighting on a movie set will definitely stand out among snapshots done by a family friend.

Professional Headshots

It is important to see the person you are dealing with. It does make it more personal, also helps to build trust and, literally, “put a face to a name, or business”.

Corporate Event Photography

greenwood stakes 2019 by olga hutsul
event photography makeup seminar with Anastasia
BTS at Toronto men's fashion week - ocean rebel
Runway photography designer Stephan Caras

Photography for Social Media

Photography for social media is so dynamic and engaging! Showcasing your business in candid and uniquely personal way puts you in touch with your clients without looking like advertising.

BTS at Toronto men's fashion week - ocean rebel

Behind The Scenes Photography

It is not the secret that  it is the BTS images that get the most of engagement on social media. It tells the informal and candid story. It shows the transformation of the real life into the show context.

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    Punam SinhaPunam Sinha
    20:19 20 Mar 24
    My experience working with the company has been amazing! They capture every moment beautifully and make the whole experience enjoyable. They are Professional, creative, talented, and most importantly will make you very comfortable with any theme and requirements. I highly recommend tem for any photography needs.
    Natalia ZaslavskaNatalia Zaslavska
    17:06 20 Mar 24
    It was great working with Olga on children's photo shoot. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating photographer. Very quick turnaround for proofs and final images. Definitely will be back in the future.
    06:31 22 Dec 23
    As a creative agency, we constantly seek clients with a synergy that enhances our work. Our experience with Olga Hutsul spans several years, during which she consistently delivered outstanding photography services. Beyond exceeding expectations, Olga is known for her professionalism, kindness, and punctuality. We are thrilled with our recent collaboration with Olga, showcasing our newly signed model, Alakiir.Highly recommended
    Mauro Di FrancescoMauro Di Francesco
    12:20 13 Dec 23
    Nikki ByrneNikki Byrne
    21:50 13 Oct 23
    Olga is a long time supporter of our sustainable fashion organization and so generous with her time. Every time she shoots our events she manages to capture the spirit of the room so perfectly. With minimal direction she ensures full coverage of all aspects of our event and the people in the room. We will continue to invite her back and hope that she’ll continue to come! Thank you Olga!
    Karina VieiraKarina Vieira
    23:22 29 Jul 23
    She is sooooo great! Olga photographed my wedding and I am so happy for having chosing her. The shots are fantastic and just what I envisioned. I really dislike taking pictures but Olga made sure to create such a welcoming and easy atmosphere so I could just relax. She also understood when I needed a break and was very mindful of my energy levels - which I so much appreciate. I have no regrets whatsoever. Quality is fantastic. Reasonable price. Awesome person to work with. Turnaround insanely quick. I recommend her a million times!
    02:36 16 Apr 23
    One of the nicest and humble Phtotographer in the fashion industry. She makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera and gives you advice how to pose properly.
    Amina GaziAmina Gazi
    22:25 11 Apr 23
    Olga is very skilled and an excellent professional photographer. Her sense of artistry in photography is commendable. She strives for the best outcome and guides her best to get the best expression in the pictures. She is patient, understanding and highly values perfectionism. I really enjoyed working with her and look forward to work with her in future. I wish her all the Best!
    I have worked with Olga Hutzul Photography for many years.She does all professional photography for my website with high quality images.She is upto date in her visual production.She understands the requirements of my business in terms of digital imaging.I would highly recommend her.
    Olga has shown extremely great skills in high fashion editorials and we are very proud to have her graduate from Toronto Fashion Academy! She is one of the graduates we love to share as her work speaks for itself! You will never regret hiring Olga!
    Rishabh GoyalRishabh Goyal
    16:28 13 Sep 22
    I really love the work she did for product photography (leather bags)Highly recommend.
    Ugyen WangmoUgyen Wangmo
    18:46 30 Aug 22
    Olga has her way around with her camera! She has completely mastered her tool! It is always a delight to work with her; FORWARD loves her fashion editorials!
    Ushasi SinhaUshasi Sinha
    08:06 20 Dec 18
    I first had the opportunity to work with Olga this summer and it'll be an understatement saying that my experience was just great. I have always been a fan of her work but now, I am totally in awe with how she gets into the spirit of the shoot and the way she conducts everything making sure the entire team is able to achieve their goal of coming out extraordinary. While shooting editorials with her, I learnt, being a good photographer isn't about capturing stunning images only, but also being able to tell a story through the stills and throw that meticulously into and with the subject. Being a highly experienced and established photographer that she is, It's amazing to see how Olga has not let her success and artistic prowess in the industry get to her head even a tiny bit. Besides her awesome style of photography and enviable post production skills and professionalism, she is a very warm and extremely down to earth person who believes in encouraging, supporting and appreciating her models and the works of her fellow creatives. She is and will always remain one of my absolute favorites and the respect that I have for her both as an artist and individual can not be put in words. Given the time and chance again, I will never miss out on working with her in the near future and get published together. I highly recommend all to gather the lifetime experience of working with her at least once. :)
    Suzy TamasySuzy Tamasy
    05:48 20 Dec 18
    Love working with Olga Hutsul on all our creative fashion shoots she truly captures the essense of what is needed to get the right perfect shot. She’s been one of my favourite photographers to work with and directs the models professionally and empowers them to pose perfectly for the final product. I have worked with her for the past 4 years and have loved every minute of it and truly love her work with my company due to the fact of keen to the eye image and final product. I even used her images on my boutique windows. I totally have recommended her to other successful projects and avenues in which she has executed the final products to perfection and detail and will continue to refer her work since I know her work ethics. Thank you Olga for all that you have done for Suzyqjewels and look forward to collaborating on many more projects to come. Wishing you always much sucess. Women empowering Women is our key to sucess at Suzyqjewels ❤️And truly you are one of them!
    Nathan HardyNathan Hardy
    02:17 20 Dec 18
    I met Olga a few years ago through being a finalist in SuperModel Canada in 2017. Since then I have worked with her multiple times and have been published a few times with her work. Olga is extremely professional and one of the best photographes I've had the opportunity to get to know and work with. I always look forward to working with her.

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