Welcome to Olga Hutsul’s Photoography Studio in Toronto

Although I do love working in different studio environments having my very own comfy creative space makes a big difference. No need to search for available photography studio space! I have equipped and designed it to have everything convenient and on hand for the photoshoots.

It can easily handle private portraits, has enough variety for actors headshots, catalog shoots, and small-scale fashion shoots. So far it has been featured in quite a few magazine editorials.

Why having your own photography studio space is convenient?

Very simple! Any rented studio space requires setting up a light that takes at least 20 minutes, then taking it apart… Overall it takes out a big chunk of time from the photoshoot and adds stress.  With my own set up I do not need to worry – just dedicate all my time to working with my clients! It does come handy!

I can easily convert it for a great space for product photography, and do full body shots on solid backgrounds.

During Christmas, it becomes a great spot for family shoots. And I never forget those special occasions: weddings, birthdays, sweet 16 and graduations!

Looking forward to seeing you in my studio!

olga hutsul photography photostudio