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In our world starting your own blog is both a big step and something very natural at the same time. Maybe by absorbing so much information around us and we are reflecting back, want our voice to be heard too. Or maybe it does not become official until you read it.

Not for the first time during an event that i am covering, or editorial photoshoot, where i got to experience some fashion trends first hand – much before they got public – i was thinking that i have to go back to writing. The truth is, i often have the privilege to see some fashion news before they even turn into news, so reporting on fashion trends and events along with the images may become quite an interesting endeavor, and as i hope will help to attract some attention to Toronto fashion scene.

Welcome to the very first blog by Olga Hutsul Photography!

So now it is not only about the visuals, it is the about the  words too. Big step in self expression. I work with a couple of local fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Forward Fashion, Intelegance, to tell the very local, very personal story of fashion and style in Toronto. Since the big local publications largely ignore what is happening in fashion and textile industry locally, i often feel like Toronto designers, shops, bloggers, influencers that i meet daily, with all the captivating variety of expression, creativity, personalities need much more exposure and support.

Their stories encourage and inspire as they continue to create in a very difficult marketplace and in a very challenging time for fashion, when production cost is the bottom line and opens the gates to poorly made imports that are flooding the stores’ shelves to be thrown away in a few month. The sheer volume of the cheap imports makes regular shoppers indifferent. As in this race for profit margin by giant market players,  we all seem to forget that the fashion is individual experience, it is about the personality of the client, charisma of the designer, and sharp style sense of the store buyer.

To be a fashion designer and build profitable fashion design business which will rely on local skill and talent in our time takes courage and incredible dedication. To see what it really means you have to visit Annie Thompson design studio or impeccable ethics of Peggy Sue Collection and fabulously creative designs of  Elina Ten Eco Couture   which takes us into new direction supported by tireless efforts of Kelly Drennan who went so far in her passion for supporting ethical aspect of fashion that she has founded Fashion Takes Action.

Why am I concerned about all of this? I believe in self expression and creativity, but creative people can thrive only in creative environment, interacting with other creatives, appreciated by their followers. It is difficult to put dollar value to it.

To be continued….

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