Corporate Events Photography Coverage in Toronto & GTA

At the launch of the clothing line by Joan Kelley Walker at International Fashion Encounter Fashion show at Lexus Downtown.

The scale of your corporate event can may vary.  It can be a large international conference, attended by thousands of people or a seminar, or a trade presentation, attended by a few hundred people only. It can be fashion, learning, finance, politics or science related – it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the thousands of your followers on social media want to know about it, the corporate offices will need the images for internal newsletters and reports. Some of the images will be required for news and press releases. And you will want to make sure that all the key speeches and events, including key guests and attendees are covered.

The professional photo coverage is important now more than ever. It is now that your social media followers will want to be in touch and be involved. It is also a great opportunity for pr coverage, and media will need professionally taken images as well.

  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Store Openings
  • Trade shows
  • trade seminars
  • Corporate parties
  • Corporate presentations
  • Sales & promotions

I hope when you are planning one of those events -professional event photography does not come as afterthought. Book my photography coverage in advance!!! Together we can discuss and make the key elements of your function look better on camera!

Joan Kelley Walker

Showcasing Makeup application with Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills at Sephora, Toronto