Olga hutsul Photography

Olga Hutsul Photography

It is fascinating to see how camera captures a moment. A moment of laugh, a moment of youth, a moment of happiness, a moment of beauty. Some moments you would want to last forever and if it happens that it is captured by camera, it indeed stays forever. I consider it to be a great privilege for a photographer to witness those moments!

This is the magic that I want to create, this is the magic that I want to share.

Whether it is a portrait, a fashion shoot, or a wedding photography series – it always fills my heart with happiness to be there as it  happens, as it unfolds, right as it inspires.

I work in Toronto, one of the most incredible cities in the world, that really has won my heart by its vivacity, colors, textures and of course its people. It’s artistic scene is a true source of inspiration. If you do like my work drop in a line – I will always be happy to help.

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It was excited to be a part of Natashas’s Lips, Tips and Great Flips:

interview with toronto fashion photographer Olga Hutsul

Please watch the episode here, in this segment:

I have an honor of working with some of exciting Toronto based magazines and here is what the editors have to say about my work – it just feels more comfortable than talking about myself:

The fashion industry wouldn’t be an industry at all, if it weren’t for the fashion photographers. Toronto based fashion photographer, Olga Hutsul is one among the pack of sought after professionals who dedicates their expertise into bringing fashion to life. Olga has spent over a decade as a major player in the fashion scene. A household favorite of FORWARD Fashion Toronto, her work, which has a contemporary, high fashion feel, has started an intimate relationship with the Toronto fashion scene [as well as substantial international reputation].
Olga’s gorgeous, surreal, and often avant-garde photographs have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications. 
Transforming models into alluring and enduring images that inspire to dream, Olga is renowned for her creativity and collaboration with designers and stylists. 
Her talent is not limited to fashion photography as her portfolio explores other territories to share her passion for outlining individual’s beauty and emotions [visually] expressed.” 

Ugyen Wangmo, Editor-in-Chief/Co- Founding Executive Director (FORWARD Fashion Toronto®)