Whether you are creating a brand new website for your business, or updating your old one – crisp and catchy images of your product, business or service are a must. With so much visual noise around us, naturally, the clients simply filter out all boring and uninspired. Your potential clients get split seconds to decide whether they like it or not. We all are visual creatures, after all.

While stock images are, sometimes, really seem to pinpoint it – the odds are your competition will have something similar. Or sometimes, shockingly, exactly the same!

Plus, your client will always wonder:

  • how does your office look like
  • how does the staff, customer care or salespeople look
  • what makes your product different
  • what methods and equipment do you use
  • how big is your team
  • why should they choose you

Before trusting you with the project or buying your product, they simply want to make sure that your business is there to stay. No matter how confident you are in your business practice – the potential clients just need to be sure.

The images that reflect your business practice

Creating images that are motivating and simply build the right connection between you and your clients is an art. On the other hand, they have to look effortless and casual enough not to overwhelm.

Your website images have to:

  • Inform
  • Motivate
  • Inspire
  • Offer the best client experience
  • Call for action

Listen to what your new clients are saying! Once you get too often:

  • Oh I thought your store is bigger
  • I did not know you had so many client care staff to help!
  • Oh, you have a warehouse right here, in Toronto?
  • What are the materials you are using?

Just remember, in our day and age they will make a decision whether to work with you or buy from you based just on what is showing on your website and your social media. Without even calling and asking that extra question.

Planning the images for your website

Now that you have decided to personalize your website with your very own images it’s time to start planning the photoshoot process.

There are no 2 businesses alike and the photo shoot has to be planned to reflect all the aspects you need. Depending on what you do you might need:

  • Staff headshots
  • Venue images
  • Company vehicles
  • Product shots
  • Service or production process images
  • Lifestyle images

All of this may be done on one occasion, or might take a few visits, or even a long term collaboration! It may sound a bit overwhelming but no project is too big when you break it down into basic steps.

Usually, when I am working on projects like this, I do ask a lot of questions that will help me to optimize the process, bring as little disruption as possible and show off your business to the best.

The best way to start planning is to get the input of your graphic or web designer. Once the plan & design for the website is approved – your web designer will know exactly what type of images are needed:

  • Photography for home page slider
  • Photography for service pages
  • Photography Images for product
  • Photography for a product in use
  • Photography of your team helping people
  • Headshots

Also, the colors and overall website feel is really important and it has to be consistent with the photography. It will define the choice of background for the product shots and environment that can be used for the process shots.

Photography for your business – planning the process

Creating the images for your business may be a bit disruptive and distracting for your employees with the shot list broken down by segments, locations and days it is much easier to manage. There are some basic questions to answer:

Do we need to show the working process or an empty space

  • What is the busiest time in your store/office? Do we work through it , or do we need to avoid it?
  • Do you have an area where a portable studio can be set up for your product or employees headshots?
  • How many locations, or buildings do you have?
  • Do we need to show the process of delivery, installation, etc, and when is the best time to do it?
  • Do we need to arrange for models for lifestyle or service demo?

How to get ready for the photoshoot for your business:

  • If your employees are a part of it, make sure they know ahead and have their uniforms tidy. Arrange their clothing to look consistent. As much as personality is great at a workplace, usually, a team look works the best and looks professional.
  • If the office or workspace to be used – make sure it is tidy, vacuum cleaned and free from boxes, wrapping materials, anything that makes it look untidy.
  • If the product is to be photographed, make sure the best samples are available. Using material from damaged boxes, rejected samples etc. (with the thought to photoshop it) does not work, unless it is the only option.
  • Plan for a consistent look if you need to choose the shade for product background. Keep in mind that later on more product might arrive, and it will have to be done on the same background.

Do not forget the images for your website blog and social media!

While the website images are more “permanent” and need more planning, do not forget about creating images for your social media. After all, everything is ready for the shoot and your perfect Instagram image might be just a few clicks away.

Remember it has to be more relaxed, informal and casual, and there is a good chance it can be created at the same time! you will find a little bit more about the process on my page dedicated to Social Media Photography.

Telling the story of your business is always exciting.
Let’s make it the best story ever told! Contact me for the best plan that suits your business!