Welcome to Olga Hutsul Photography

Photography is a lifetime journey for me. It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when it started. Was it on the road trip near Orleans when I was stunned by unusually beautiful light streaming through the clouds carried across the sky with strong northern wind, were it my walks downtown Toronto? Was it fascination with classic art and attempts to endlessly analyze every brushstroke, colors and composition of the world’s best masters? Reading books? In it’s own way even my useless education in Linguistics has helped by sharpening the perception of a well unfolding story. Some seemingly unconnected life experiences inevitably lead to it and helped to form my vision and define me in photography and, as I hope, will continue to do so.

I work as a freelance photographer in Toronto now, focusing on fashion, portraits, headshots, events, weddings, product photography, photojournalism, photography for social media. It might seem like extremely wide range of interests, yet having one thing in common – attempt at capturing the essence of the subject, the event, the feeling. And the test for our impression of a moment is simple – if you close your eyes – what will you remember about a flower, a person, a dress, a wedding – is it the color, the texture, the shape, the eyes, the kiss, the smile?

As life itself consists of encounters with variety of situations, stories, events, spaces, people and objects so is photography, and I would find it impossible to limit it to one genre.