Toronto Fashion Events — BTS Coverage

I enjoy staying behind the scenes at Toronto fashion events. This is really where story is told. Here you can see how event magic is created.You can witness the energy of it all coming together in one massive show. All the countless hours of waiting, fittings, makeup and hair. The incredible effort of people who always do the best of their work.

Here I get to see people who often are not on runway, or stage – makeup and hair artists, dressers, stylists, stage assistants, stage technicians. Often they get to see the coverage of the show itself only afterwards and very rarely they get to see themselves in action.

Here you can witness the incredible transformation of ordinary life into the show step by step, brushstroke by brushstroke.

Here the action goes really very fast – sometimes the models are fully ready for the stage only a few minutes before the call – and then have to change into the next designer’s clothing in the matter of minutes after thrilling finale. To me, sometimes, this story is bigger than the show itself.

Why BTS Photography is needed?

Sometimes you might think : “Why is BTS photography needed if we get the main show coverage?” But without it it would never be a complete story. It captures the momentum. Also it is not the secret that  it is the BTS images that get the most of engagement on social media. It tells the informal and candid story. It shows the transformation of the real life into the show context.

It is very effective for the designers that take part in the show – it shows their fashion pieces live and breeze the real life.