Portfolio & headshots for actors and models based in Toronto

You should never underestimate the quality of images for your acting or modeling portfolio. Out of hundreds of qualified candidates a casting director has to choose a few, or only 1 perfect actor or model. The images that are done professionally and replicate professional studio lighting or natural lighting on a movie set will definitely stand out among snapshots done by a family friend.

The agent or a casting director needs to see how your face is structured in the professional lighting, the correct skin tone and not over photoshopped features, the way they appear naturally or with professional makeup. Well done images do help you get chosen at castings!

Modeling and Actor Portfolio & Headshots requirements

Modeling and Actor Portfolio Headshots are a set of images that allow agents and casting directors to see the actor’s or model’s physical features. They help judge how the potential model or actor will fit the role or has the right look for the photo shoot.

Since a casting director, advertising agency or anyone who is holding the audition go through hundreds of images daily their eye is well trained on what to look for. Moreover, in a split second, they will make a conclusion about the prospect’s experience and skill level. Often, the decision is taken by a panel of people or has to be presented and approved by a client. Out of focus, confusing, over photoshopped images, images with multiple people, or simply poorly exposed images of a model with great potential will be cast aside automatically.

Even if you are good at landing gigs based on your Instagram account or selfies. You do not know what you are missing not having a well-built modeling or acting portfolio.

Actor portfolio images format:

  • Clear shot of actor/model head and top of the shoulders- neutral expression
  • Clear shot of actor/model head and top of the shoulders – smile
  • consider varying up your hairstyle (hair up or down)
  • Shot of actor character look if he or she aspires for specific character role/ type (comic, villain, hero)
  • Outdoor /natural light headshots
  • Full body image
  • 3/4 body shot
  • Swimwear shot full body and closeup (if will be auditioning for swimwear commercial work and fashion shows)
  • Sportswear shot
  • portfolio work samples (Editorial work, commercial work, advertising)

This set of images can be created during one day or over the span of time. but it is important that images are not outdated and do reflect your most current look. If you did change your hair color, died your hair, you will have to update the images.

Working on your portfolio images

Although it seems that it is simple – to take a few snapshots of a person who is confident in front of the camera – it is a process of a few hours. Working with different angles, lens, light direction will offer more options for the final choice.

There are few more factors at play – clothing, background and matching environment. The clothing has to compliment your face. It has to replicate the clothing of the characters you are aspiring to be cast for.

For models, samples of commercial work in their portfolio are a huge bonus. You can wait till the actual projects, or build your portfolio while shooting with a professional photographer.

Need help building or updating your professional modeling or actor portfolio? Will be happy to help at reasonable rates!  Contact me for details!