Runway Photography & Fashion Show event coverage, as well as behind the scenes coverage (BTS) is an important part for communication strategy of any designer. Whether you are a beginner or well established it is simply necessary for marketing and promotion.

A fashion show creates an amazing opportunity to generate great images featuring the clothing and creating a massive splash in social and print media.

Fashion shows are a significant investment for designers and you have to think about getting the most from it.  Runway shows have an emotional impact on the show guests. They spark immediate reaction and continue as an emotional dialogue. The audience turn from strangers to followers, supporters and dedicated clients.

However, with the well created visual feed you can reach thousands of people and get your fashion brand promoted. Isn’t it what the show was for in the beginning?


Getting ready your designs for the runway show is taking a heavy emotional and physical toll on the entire team.

It is important to think through what your visual feed is going to look like and create as many opportunities for great images as possible.

Your clients would definitely love to see:

  • behind the scenes moments
  • runway show
  • Show guests &step and repeat

It is only a few minutes when you are going to see the models wearing your dresses with makeup and styling reflecting your show’s vision.

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Design by Serge Jivaguine

Fashion show planning stage

When I am involved at the earlier stages of preparation for the runway show I will be able to pinpoint those moments and discuss the opportunities to reflect it to its best in photography.

The quality of runway show photography depends on many factors that the photographer is not in control of. But experience and having adequate equipment helps to get the most of it:

  • Quality of light on the runway.
    The inadequate lighting on the runway results in very grainy images and blurred areas when the model is trying to do that magnificent gesture throwing the fabric of the dress in the air or a half twirl.
  • Here quality of the image will depend on the the quality of the camera. There is really no use to try and capture it with entry level cameras – the results will be bad. Ideally, the runway should be evenly lit without dark patches, but that is usually achieved by quite an expensive lighting system, that many shows simply are not prepared to pay for.
  • If the venue has terrible lighting I often focus on other aspects of the show – such as socials and behind the scenes. I take more time to showing off dresses while the models are getting ready for the show, or right after – before they have changed out of their clothing.
  • It makes a beautiful backstage story that your followers will love. It is true that sometimes my backstage photography get more likes on instagram than the runway images, however perfect they are.
  • Runway Choreography.
    Ideally the well choreographed show has to give an opportunity to show off the best features of the clothing to the audience and allow photographers to capture them at the same time.
  • That is why overlapping paths of the models, not giving them enough distance from each other, and fast motion at the end of the runway is really damaging to the final quality of the images you are going to see. It may be improved if the rehearsal is done with the same lighting as will be on the runway and the runway choreographer is able to change instructions for the runway action to work with light.
  • Models’ Walk on Runway.
    The way the model walks on the runway, of course, is one of the key factors. And it is as important to the model as to the designer, just showing up on the runway is far from being enough. It is important that the walk is even from the beginning to the end of the runway, and the hands’ motions are controlled.

If the light on the runway is patchy – there is no use to pose in the dark spots – take advantage of the well lit areas. The poses at the end of the runway should show off the features of the clothing. You will always get the most results with posing focusing on the left, center and right parts of the media pit giving everyone equal chance at good shots or video.

How often I saw the models quickly turning around without fixing the pose and giving media the chance of a decent shot. An opportunity missed!

Why show your Fashion line at Toronto fashion shows?

In Toronto, as fashion industry is booming and rapidly growing, so are its popular fashion shows attracting the best talent in styling, lighting, choreography, modeling so the results are really impressive! It gives you a perfect opportunity not only to promote your fashion collection for the new season, but to meet the leaders of the industry.

There is simply nothing as the live runway fashion show to show off the fashion collection to the live audience. Fashion is simply meant to be admired in motion. Here, at the shows you can also meet Toronto media and fashion bloggers, and influencers. You can create great strategic partnerships right there and then!

I have done the Runway Photography for these Toronto Events:


If you are planning a communication strategy for your fashion brand the next season, and are looking for professional runway show photography or general show coverage, I would be happy to hear from you and discuss how we can get the great images that reflect your brand values and help market your clothing line.

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