A professionally created designer lookbook is a key to showcasing your new collection. It takes experience to organize the whole process from model casting to planning the photoshoot itself. It is very rare when you can manage to do a photoshoot for a lookbook on location.

Usually, the studio is the answer. In the studio you can control the light, can conveniently arrange clothing to make the process go faster do not forget – this is not an editorial look where you will need only showcase 6-8 looks – it is a complete collection – between 20 to 40 pieces not to mention styling variations and combinations. Lookbook photography takes incredible attention and patience and I will be happy to guide you through the entire process.

It is often when designers or fashion boutiques contact me for creating photography for their collection lookbook under strict deadlines when an important fashion show is coming up, and there is really very little time to put everything together. Ideally, you should have enough time on your hands to plan everything out in detail. It should reflect the feel and the inspiration, and be functional to show your pieces and their combinations. But reality often affects the creative process…

A great alternative is a venue with a character that reflects the style of your collection: edgy, modern, or elegant. The style of your clothing and interior it is shot in have to work with each other well. The architectural elements should accentuate the features but never overpower them. The sample with concrete wall shown above is a great example – it adds natural texture, and it was a very comfortable location to shoot in – a lobby of a modern building, with accessible power supply and easy access to change room.

As collection varies from collection contact me and let me know as many details as you can for a detailed estimate of your project