Photography focus: Family!

Time goes by fast! With the day-to-day routines, we keep forgetting to make time to enjoy each other’s company. So it happens that at my photo sessions families often come in a hurry, in between things… And I am always happy to see them! Yes, there are scratches on the elbows, bruises on the knees, and some important things like shoes or hairbrushes are left at home.

Make your time for a family photo session! It will never be perfect! But it will be you and your kids!  Never delay it for the future. It is always a good time for a photo session with your loved ones!!!

Kids will always be kids!

The studio photoshoots are, of course, fun, and very convenient. But if we take time and go on location… then it is even more fun! Parks, fields, lakeshore, you are sure to have your favorite spots!