Photography for Social Media, PR and Photojournalism

Photography for social media has become a really growing field and now my clients are not only companies, advertising and media agencies but  also

  • bloggers
  • influencers
  • startups

Essentially, it is a dynamic mix of environmental portrait, product, street and photojournalism all brought together to tell about your business, product or service, or simply yourself.

The trick is it has to be technically great and simply exciting.  It is not photography for photography’s sake! It has to have distinct target audience, clear concept,  and stay really on top of trends. And, in the end, it is measured by likes, follows and engagement.

Unlike when I do a series of product shots, or portraits setting up the lighting in the studio for one predictable subject – photography for social media is, pretty much, a combination of everything! Technically, although, it is seemingly less demanding – in reality it ends up being more challenging!

lifestyle portrait
magazine cover

The social media photography difference

It is precisely when within one session you have to come up with the solution for environmental portrait, often not knowing in advance what the lighting conditions are going to be in that location! Do not forget some elements of food or product photography, architectural and some casual scenes, crossing the road, or drinking coffee, laughing answering the phone call, working in your studio.

For all these situations, traditionally, you would have to use different lighting setups and different lenses and, in some cases, would even need an assistant. Not anymore! Now as social media photographer I have to have an easy and quick solution right on the spot.

The key here is to come up with the plan that will tick all the boxes. Photography for social media is so dynamic and engaging! I can not resist the temptation, and really look forward to cover stories like this.

Photography for PR, Web content and Social media Agencies

Do you struggle with getting the images that reflect your client’s business? Do you find yourself using stock photography too often? Then you, definitely, should consider hiring a photographer to do the images that are telling the story of your client’s business!

The truth is, during one productive photosession around a hundred images may be produced. They can be used for social media campaigns, banners, instagram feed and flyers. It will really expand your communication options, as you will be able tosay exactly the messages you need for your strategy. The best part, it will cost you as little as  generic stock images.

Well executed unique and relevant images will expand the reach of your press releases and social media engagement. A picture is worth a thousand words…

Social media photography for businesses.

When I work with businesses I have to overcome 2 main concerns expressed by small business

  • first of all, they think it is insanely expensive, and do not even try to work  out a quarterly or monthly
  • budget for it, second, they are not sure about the quality and end result.

When we start working together both concerns are not an issue anymore!

Showcasing your business in candid and uniquely personal way puts you in touch with your clients without looking like advertising. In our day and age social media is really substituting traditional and costly forms of print, radio and commercial advertising.

Multidisciplinary Designer Carlos Herrera at fashion show by Fashion Circuit Series

Use social media to the fullest!

The good news – reaching and interacting with your clients have become more affordable! In fact, you can control most of your communication and interaction with them:

  • asking their opinion in your posts
  • creating polls
  • launching flash sales
  • answering their questions in messages

The opportunities to tell about your business in images are, indeed, endless –

  •  your showroom,
  •  your product,
  • helpful tips
  • inspiration of the day
  • your salespeople interacting with your clients.

Another advantage of using more and more images is that they get your clients interested in your product, to know what to expect when they arrive to your store or order your service. Or simply order it online from you.

Photography for Bloggers, Influencers, Startups

Are you passionate about fashion, styling , cooking, makeup, hairstyling, decor, design wedding decor, or cultural life and events? Do you enjoy spending time doing it and meeting new people in the sphere you absolutely love? Do you find yourself always researching materials about you favorite topics and feel like sharing your opinions with others?

It looks like you are becoming a blogger and an influencer!

The truth is, if you are truly passionate about something and want to tell the story that is uniquely yours, you have to have also images to show it.

Here stock images won’t cut it! Not to mention, that you would, definitely, want to stay away from borrowing images from other blogs and somebody else’s instagram feed.If it is out on internet -it does not mean it is for everyone to use! They are protected by copywrite. It does not matter how easy the devices make to”borrow” them.

At some point, your following will get tired from average mass produced quotes, coffee shop shots and selfies.

You have to be more resourceful than that! After all, how your blog or social media feed will stand out from the others?

Blogs and social media with unique photography and visual content will not only bring you great following! They are often picked up by brands that are looking for spokespeople with great following. This way your little endeavor might end up being quite a lucrative enterprise. The secret here is to be

  • consistent,
  • be original,
  • speak from your own experience!

With the right planning together we can create an engaging visual feed and photography for your social media channels in one easy Toronto downtown walk , covering your favorite cafes, telling story of your wardrobe, visiting your favorite places.

For more details and ideas on creating your very personal engaging visual feed and photography for social media please do not hesitate to contact me.