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Are Magazine Publications Still Working?

In the age of social media and video reels, magazines seemed to tumble from its once-high pedestal of the most coveted media and advertising platform. Is that true, though?  Speaking to quite a few magazine publishers and editors, hoping to get their insight on the true state of the industry I could not help but …

Product Photography for Websites — Planning Tips

Great looking images, like nothing else, attract attention, and help sell the product right off of your website page. They create that light and airy feeling that makes you trust the product and buy it or is the service. But once you try to organize your own website pages – it all seems falling apart. …

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Product Photography – What Do You Need To Know!

Running your own online store is very exciting! You are in charge of every aspect of it and enjoy every minute of your adventure. You collaborate with the graphic designers on your store look, the product lineups, and have invested in stock, or have your suppliers on standby. Now all you need is product photography …

International Fashion Encounter – 10 Editions and Counting

International Fashion Encounter just had its 10th show in Toronto. And it has made the mark! With so many fashion shows downsizing, shutting down and reconsidering its concept. International Fashion Encounter has just proved that it is here to stay and only get better – with more great designers and the biggest crowd in attendance …

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Instagram Shoppable Posts! Creating Images that Sell Your Product!

Now you can sell on Instagram! Instagram Shoppable posts! Here is how it works! Have you been browsing on Instagram, or were snapping pictures of your products and thought: ”I wish people could just click and buy here, I wish My instagram posts were shoppable ?” Now it has become finally possible, and it is …

Casa Como Boutique opening

Casa Como Boutique Opening — Where Trends are Born

One of the best parts of being a fashion photographer is to witness firsthand the new beginnings, the new collections, the fresh – just right out of the sewing machine designs just being one step ahead of the trends. Although Casa Como brand has been founded back in 2011 by talented designer Diana Ivanova, and …

Toronto fashion events

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The work of Toronto’s fashion designers, stylists, and jewelers deserves a special place and tells its own story of Toronto . Being in the constant media spotlight makes it both a very competitive and inspiring.

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