Casa Como Boutique Opening — Where Trends are Born

One of the best parts of being a fashion photographer is to witness firsthand the new beginnings, the new collections, the fresh – just right out of the sewing machine designs just being one step ahead of the trends.

Although Casa Como brand has been founded back in 2011 by talented designer Diana Ivanova, and has been successful ever since, the boutique Casa Como has formally opened its doors on February 16th, 2018. Marked with cosy and fashion inspired atmosphere in presence of friends, stylists and fashion influences its opening highlighted another trendy spot on Toronto’s fashion map.

Diana’s new collection introduced at the event was as ever edgy, practical and perfect for urban lifestyle, and you can clearly see the European influence in the quality of fabrics and workmanship. Diana Ivanova is a self taught designer who learned design, cutting and sewing from her grandmother making each piece a very personal experience. Although her styles are minimalistic, they are very well made and thought through and look great in urban context.

Experiencing new Casa Como collection up close and personal brought really feeling of confidence that fashion is moving forward , and there is room for growth and expansion in the modern garment industry even with the challenges of modern economy. Casa Como line can be seen in a number of very popular stores Downtown Toronto – such as All About Eve, Garb, Offsite Concept Space, Naked Bodyz.

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