Instagram Shoppable Posts! Creating Images that Sell Your Product!

Instagram Shoppable posts -Images for social media

Now you can sell on Instagram! Instagram Shoppable posts! Here is how it works!

Have you been browsing on Instagram, or were snapping pictures of your products and thought: ”I wish people could just click and buy here, I wish My instagram posts were shoppable ?” Now it has become finally possible, and it is very easy to set up. The new feature is Instagram Shoppable posts. All you have to have is a business Instagram account and Facebook store or a website set up in Shopify and it is just the matter of connecting both and put it to good use.

Indeed Instagram Shoppable posts feature comes in handy – and many users who switched to it already have reported some success! Indeed Instagram makes it a very comfortable shopping environment, just images that speak for themselves. All your customers need to see is a little shopping symbol – and the shopping may begin.

Since it is a brand new feature there is some uncertainties, they say that if you are with Shopify you have to be approved for the program, it seems that for Facebook, there is no restrictions. While the whole purpose of the feature is to sell the products – don’t’ forget it also helps driving traffic (of course it is not as much helpful with Facebook as with Shopify).

There is yet another way to do it if your store built with WordPress – Woocommerce Instagram Shop!

On the images above i used samples to illustrate how it works from 2 of my favorite accounts @mattysfabavenue (  & @casacomo_ ( – you are welcome to click around and try it! (these images were not created by me – i am patiently waiting when i will have some samples from my clients to showcase! They are snapshots of actual clickable instagram posts)

Why I am telling you all this?

Being so closely involved in social media I do keep an eye on all the new developments in fashion and social media I rarely have the luxury of creating the images just for the beauty of it. My primary goal is to create images that help you sell your product (read a litle bit more about it in Photography for Social Media). This is what my eye and my hand is mostly trained for over the years. What this new Instagram Shoppable posts call for –  creating Lifestyle Images, that are more captivating and engaging than just functional product photography that will create the link between your very own captivating visual content and functional product images.

Why it helps if these images are created professionally?

  • While pretend street style photography might do a good job, it was not targeted before at selling, but merely at showing off
  • Focus on the product in the composition
  • Highlight the functionality and possible ways to use it
  • Featuring the product in its natural environment
  • Inform about products features and functions
Photography for instagram by Olga Hutsul

So let’s get together and plan for your social media photoshoot!

Within just a few hours of work we can create up to 150 images that will help you sell your product from the comfort of your Instagram feed!

Shoppable Posts have arrived! Contact me for more details!

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